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William Christopher Watson is a professional actor, voiceover artist, and filmmaker based in Atlanta and New York City. Known to most as Chris, he originally hails from Portland, Maine, where much of his family still resides. He has played leading roles in several independent films and episodics, as well as local and national commercials. Fluent in Spanish and French, Chris has been playing the guitar since he was six. He is an experienced Latin dancer, having been part of a competitive team for four years, and has a strong background in both boxing and Capoeria. In 2023, he wrote his first feature screenplay, "No Dogs Die", producing and directing a short film version of the piece in early 2024.

In front of the camera, Chris is often the charming, but cocky, up-and-coming executive unfamiliar with the word 'No'; the dangerous, but captivating grifter ready to con wealthy women via Bumble; or the edgy Miami detective who might bend the law to play by his own rules.

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