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William Christopher Watson is also a screenwriter, producer and

director. In 2023, he wrote his first feature screenplay, NO DOGS DIE, producing and directing a short film version of the piece in early 2024.

Inspired by classic horror movies and thrillers, Chris uses classic genre tropes in a comedic style to explore kindness, collective punishment, grief, and redemption. He is a world-builder, who uses the gothic, altered reality nature of his stories to uncover issues that impact us all, both individually and as a society at large. 

Taking place ten years before the feature,  the short film NO DOGS DIE (2024) tells the story of a masked murderer who kills anyone abusive to dogs and wreaks havoc on the local population. A local detective must unravel the pattern before he strikes again. Look for it at festivals nationwide.


THE FEATURE: A masked murderer, who kills anyone abusive to dogs, returns after a 10-year hiatus. A teen whose parents were murdered by him as a child must survive a week of terror to end the cycle.

"I always hate in movies, especially horror movies, when a dog is either injured or killed, so I took classic horror/slasher tropes and applied them to a world that punishes those who are mean or abusive to animals."

- director William Christopher Watson


Additionally, to support the cause of animal welfare, Chris created The "No Dogs Die Fund," which is administered by the Miami Foundation, a Community Foundation accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-exempt.

Our mission statement is as follows: The No Dogs Die Fund was established to support causes dedicated to anti-cruelty and the general support of animal welfare across Greater Miami and beyond. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Click for more information or to donate to the fund:

If you prefer to mail a donation, please make checks payable to The Miami Foundation and include "No Dogs Die Fund" in the memo line:
40 NW 3rd Street, Suite 305
Miami, FL 33128

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